”One of the last great samurai who unyieldingly fights for ideals
and convictions. In our ’heavy industry’ there aren’t many like him.”

Ingmar Bergman

Samernas land

Samernas land

En kortfilm som i ljud och bild gestaltar konflikten mellan samernas land och det svenska storsamhället.

Land Of The Lapps

This short film is only thirteen minutes long, but it is a razor-sharp depiction of civilization pushing out Europe’s last wilderness in Nor-thern Sweden. The white man is hunting ptarmigan, enormous exer-tions are being expended, watercourses are running dry and forests are being devastated. Thirteen minutes about a world in change. But un-fortunately not for the better.

“Stunning images in this effective short film, a signature work of Swedish cinema’s most unflagging eccentric.”

Titel: Samernas land
(Land Of The Lapps)
Regi: Stefan Jarl
Foto: Per Källberg
Klipp: Anette Lykke Lundberg
Musik: Fläskkvartetten
Längd: 13 min
Premiär: 1994
Format: 35 mm, 1:1,66

Filmen finns som extramaterial på DVD:n Hotet.